XS-PFFR(Cyclic Phosphate)

XS-PFFR(Cyclic Phosphate)

2016-10-22 15:58
XS-PFFP is kind of halogen free flame retardants for polyester fabric, it’s phosphor content is very hagh and good water solubility. It can be used in architecture, curtain, car internaldecoration etc. Specially for polyester fabric, special working uniform, the fabrics of polyester and cotton. PA, PU textile. Treated textile has FR property and permanent washing resistance.
  • A. High thermal stability, has little effect on softness.
  • B. Low volatileness, good compatibility with most of polymeric compounds.
  • C.Color difference is very small after textile is treated.
  • D.No toxicaity.

Technical Specifications

Item Unit Index
Appearance:   Transparent emulsion
Active material content: %(m/m) ≥93
P %(m/m) ≥20.0
DMMP %(m/m) ≤0.5%
TMPP %(m/m) ≤0.5%
Water value: %(m/m) ≤0.3
Acid value: (mgKOH/g) 15.0
Viscosity: (Cps@25°C) ≤15000
Related density: (g/cm³) 1.2—1.3

Application and dosage:

Main processing:

1.For the treatment of the fabric of polyester and cotton

A.Recommended formulation:
Flame retardant                           6—15kg
Water                       20kg                         mix to get well-distribution.
Na2HPO4(20% of concentration)        4—8kg                      adjust PH value (.5-6.5),or use the replacment of Na2CO3 and ammonia water(concentration of 25%)
Penetatrating agent                      0.05—0.2kg                 mix to get well-distribution then add water to 100kg toyally.
B. Procedures:
  1. 1.Remove the starch on fabric firstly, then wash and keep damping.
  2. 2.Used the procedure of soakage and padding process according to the weight and ingredients and construction,
  3. 3.High temperature thermal fixing method:
Polyester fabric: plain woven cloth     195~205°C×40~60 seconds.
            Knitting fabric     185~195°C×40~60 seconds.
Polyamide fabric:          160~180°C×40~60 seconds.
  1. Cooling, rolling, wash solid materials on treated fabrics to improve the softness of treated fabrics if needed.

 Package and Storage
50kg/barrel, transport it as common chemicals, handle with care during transportation. Store it in dry and well ventilated place, avoid to open the package to isolate oxygen and oxidants

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