Individual Halogen Free Flame Retardant


2020-11-02 14:21
EINECS NO :235-804-2  
CAS NO : 12767-90-7 
Formula:2ZnO 3B2O3 3.5H2O
XS-ZB 2335 an environmental friendly inorganic flame retardant, formula weight 434.62,white powder in appearance, slight soluble in water, crystal powder insoluble in HCl, amorphous powder soluble in HCl. This product performance in high flame retardancy without any toxic substance, low water solubility, high thermal stability, ultra-fine particle size, excellent dispersibility. Also it takes role as smoke suppressant and synergist with other flame retardant together.
Item Unit Value
Appearance -- White Powder
ZnO 37.0-40.0
B2O3 45.0-48.0
Loss on ignition 13.0-15.5
Whiteness -- ≥90
Volatile ≤0.5
Particle Size D10 um 0.5-1.0
D50 um 3-5
D90 um 6-8
Sieve analysis % ≤0.1
Melt point 980
Decomposition temp (2%) ≥300
Density g/cm3 2.67
Refractive index   1.58
Used in PVC,PE,EVA,PP, Reinforced PA6,PS,Epoxy, Nature Rubber as synergist with halogen
flame retardants and ATO.
Used as flame retardant in paper, fabric textile, decorating board, carpet etc.
Dosage Suggestion
The dosage varies from 2% to 15% as flame retardant or synergist.
Packing and Storage
25Kg/Bag. PP woven bag(PE film inner)or  paper-plastic bag(PE film inner).
Store in ventilated, dry place, avoid direct sunlight. 
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