Flame Retardant and additives for Plastic

XS-FR-3300 Intumescent flame retardant for PA

2021-05-19 10:54
XS-FR-3300 is a new launched non-halogen flame retardant based on phosphorus and nitrogen, according ROSH regulations. With this additive, a porous carbon layer will be generated when fire occurs, this carbon layer has high performance in heat-insulation, oxygen-insulation, also can hold melt PA resin from dropping. It could pass water boiling test (UL746C,70℃ ), has low water absorption, no migration, high thermal stability and excellent proceeding performance.
Item Unit Value
Appearance -- White powder
P content % ≥17
Moisture                         % ≤0.3
Bulk density g/cm3 0.59
Related density g/cm3 1.53
Decomposing Temp ≥350
Particle size (D50) um 11-15
Dosage % 15-20
This product is suitable for PA6/66 + glass fiber.
Dosage Suggestion
The Dosage varies according the dosage of glass fiber content in formulation. 
Item Glass fiber XS-PASH
Recommendation 25-30% 15%
Recommendation 15% 20%
PA66 60%, 25% Glass fiber, 15% PASH
Item Result
UL94 V0 (1.6mm)
CTI 600
GWFI 960oC (2.0mm)
Package and Storage
20Kg/Bag. Inner PE bag and outer kraft laminated bag.
Store in ventilated, dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
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