HFFR for thermosetting resins, coating and adhesive

XS-FR-708 HFFR with smoke free

2018-05-22 14:38
XS-FR-708 is a non-halogen smoke-free and P & N based flame retardant compund, it can matcht the requirement of ROHS.
With this product in polyester adhesive tape, the porous carbon layer will be generated when fire occurs. This carbon layer has good performance in heat-insulation, oxygen-insulation, also help carry the heat through droplet forming. It is smoke-free and without toxic or corrosive gas when heating.
Item Unit Value
Appearance -- White Powder
Content % ≥99%
Particle Size D50 (um) 5-10
Water content % ≤0.5
XS-FR-708 is widely used in PVC, PE and rubber insulating tape, UL510, in the meantime, it is
accordance with ROHS.
It could be used in solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, polyurethane, rubber and adhesive as flame retardant.
Dosage Suggestion
Additive amount - Glue: XS-FR-708 = 1-2:1 around 35-40%.
The detailed additive amount should be depends on the glue viscosity.
Packing and Storage
20Kg/Bag, with a polypropylene woven bag with plastic film inner lining.
Store in ventilated and dry warehouse, do not break the package to avoid damping, and keep away from oxidant.
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