Production Base

Production Base

Shanghai production base

--Shanghai production base information card--

Location: 66 Songjin Road, Songjiang Industrial Park

Occupies: 5.3 mu

Status: xusenspecial flame retardant production base

Here is Xu Sen dream place to sail

A place to witness the Asahimori people in order to better the dream and committed to the place

In order to warm the sun, lush forests, fresh air

We have been working hard

Twenty years of wind and rain baptism

Old face, though full of vicissitudes

And show to us, is the historical accumulation

Nostalgia of the Xusen people, or so a soft spot for her

This set sail the“three mu of land”

Is still so full of vitality


Zhejiang production base

--Zhejiang production base information card--

Location: 166 Success Road, Jiashan Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province

Occupies: more than 40 mu

Status: Xu Sen R & D center location, the company phosphorus, nitrogen and inorganic flame retardant production base

Perhaps the blessing of God

Perhaps the pursuit of the people of Xusen in return

So Xu Sen dream in this“success”on the road over

We know today's success

Inseparable from the industry's full support

Your trust is the real driving force of our indomitable

Scientific and technological innovation

Excellent quality

Second pioneering horn, inspiring

Thanks for the Xusen people

Return to society, customers and employees in their own way

Shandong production base

--Shandong production base information card--

Location: Zhejian Chemical Industrial Park, Juancheng County, Heze City, Shandong Province

Occupies: more than 140 mu

Situation: The company's large-scale production bases of phosphorus and nitrogen flame retardants, inorganic flame retardants and other new flame retardants.

Only the true color of peony, Xu Sen wisdom into the city

Lu southwest has always been a hotly contested spot

In this ancient land

Xusen people is telling a new story

For the sky bluer, the water is greener

We will continue our efforts

Ebb Tide was a hero

“Days to fall, which depends on the column”

Is the so-called

“Sun Dragon attracted three rivers, the forest tiger jumped through the million mountains”

Hundred years“Xu Sen”dream blueprint, has been depicted

To show the world is bound to be a colorful Xusen landscape painting

国美 苏宁