About Us

About Us

Xusen, from China's non halogen flame retardant solution expert. We have a complete halogen free flame retardant product system and a mature halogen free flame retardant solution, so as to become the industry's trusted partner.

Xusen always diligent in independent innovation, to achieve a sustainable growth across, in recent twenty years, the company has invested heavily in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Zone, Jiashan, Zhejiang Industrial Park, Shandong juancheng Zhejiang Chemical Industry Park established their own R & D and production base, for company's sustainable development has laid a solid foundation。

Xusen always stepped in production, learning and research, combining the development of the fast lane, we and domestic several well-known colleges and universities and expert cooperation, has launched a covering inorganic, phosphorus and nitrogen, nitrogen, silicon and other composite flame retardant agent series products, the successful application of PA, PP, PBT modified plastic, Pu heat preservation materials, TPE elastic body, epoxy resin, rubber, cable materials, adhesives, paint, carpet, woven fabric coat and so on many domains。

Xusen always adhere to their own green dreams, all of our products comply with the requirements of WEEE, ROHS, EUP command, in order to make a contribution to the increasingly serious environmental problems。

Xusen, let the dream lead the future !

国美 苏宁